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What I Ate Wednesday: Vegan Toddler Edition (Vol. 2)

This summer, we’ve been lucky enough to have our toddler enrolled in a vegan summer camp. That’s right – they have a vegan chef that prepares all of their lunches and snacks!


Things like energy balls, build-your-own burritos, and plates of assorted raw fruits and veggies are served daily there. They drink almond milk and water and make milkshakes and nice cream together sometimes. He has a blast and gets to try new things in the company of other kids his age.


On the other days of the week, we offer him a wide variety of plant foods to continue the momentum. At this age, he is provided the same meals that we eat as a family, and his snacks are sometimes things I won’t even touch (like dried seaweed!). We make a lot of green smoothies and blend together our own pizza sauce chock full of vegetables and herbs. He is slowly figuring out his likes and dislikes (which change and evolve), like all kids do.


Here’s a one-day snippet of meals and snacks for this week!


Note: The What I Ate Wednesday: Vegan Toddler Edition series is not a meal plan or suggested feeding pattern for your kids. It is solely meant to share a snippet of what my toddler may eat on any given day and offer some ideas for things you could try at home. Please do not make dietary or lifestyle changes for your children without being properly evaluated by your physician and/or registered dietitian.



LoveGrown bean + lentil cereal with soy milk

Diced peaches

Berry smoothie


Organic fruit and veggie pouch

Coconut seaweed chips

Sliced grapes




Whole grain toast with vegan refried beans and vegan cheddar

Unsweetened applesauce

Mixed nuts and raisins

Berry smoothie (leftover from breakfast)



Banana cashew muffin

Unsweetened almond milk


Split pea soup made with carrots, potato, onions, celery, topped with nutritional yeast

Homemade seitan slab with vegan cheese on a whole wheat bun

Unsweetened applesauce (leftover from lunch)



Vitamin B12

Vitamin D + algal DHA/EPA (in smoothie)

Probiotic (in smoothie)