Lifestyle Mentorship

I help busy families eat more plants [and save the world].

**Please note that I have limited availability (weekends only) for mentoring sessions until October 2018.**

Think “vegan life coach” for people like YOU looking to cultivate kickass veg-powered households.

What does this mean exactly?

I can help you to:

  • Clarify what plant-based living means to YOU and why you’ve decided to raise a veg family
  • Identify your family’s core values, driving motivators, perceived obstacles, and goals — and then map out a plan together for veg-success in your unique household
  • Master the mindset, strategy and habits needed to create a lifestyle and routine the whole family will love
  • Reconnect with the food on your plate, where it comes from, and the power of your dietary choice
  • Navigate not only plant-based eating, but the social and consumer challenges that come with going veg

I help you make plant-based living an attainable reality for your family, while recognizing the personal and global influences you are capable of having through your dietary freedoms.  You may also become a household of advocates and activists along the way. 🙂


You might understand the benefits of a plant-based diet, but how do you make it all come together into a sustainable lifestyle?

I am committed to helping families achieve the plant-based lifestyles they desire.  I want your family to get to a place where making plant-centric meals that are simple, healthy, and delicious become second nature, where you feel connected to the world around you through your dietary choices, and where your core values are reflected in your everyday habits. You should be so in love with your chosen lifestyle that you feel compelled to tell everyone else how amazing it is.

I take pride in un-complicating and normalizing veganism, and making this a feasible option for families today, especially those with young children.  It’s not always easy to be vegan in a non-vegan world, but it doesn’t have to be difficult either as long you have the right tools, knowledge, mindset and support system — that’s where I come in. 

People often decide to go plant-based:

  • To achieve a healthier weight
  • To prevent or manage chronic disease
  • To alleviate food allergies
  • To reduce their carbon footprint
  • To save the lives of countless animals
  • For better nutrition and tastier meals
  • To save money
  • To instill the above values in their children
  • To try something totally new

Whatever your reason, I’m glad you’re here.

We are born into a life where the Standard American Diet is the norm, and anything different is weird.  We live in a time where food is marketed to us from the womb, under the guise that “everything fits”, leaving us in a vicious cycle of food addiction, body obsession and poor health, while unknowingly damaging the planet, and its inhabitants.  We begin life not knowing why we eat the way that we do – and often, nothing triggers us to question our habits until we’re older. But, then what?

I get it.  Complete lifestyle changes can be overwhelming.  Things like meal planning, food preparation, and understanding how to easily tailor recipes to meet your personal tastes and needs can be hard — without a focused commitment, the right resources, skills, and tools for success. There’s an overwhelming amount of information and opinion out there.  We’re all human. We often focus on an end result but are at a loss regarding how to actually get there. And when we have kids on top of everything else? Oy.

I’ve been where you are, so I’m here for you now.


My philosophy:

I meet you where you are. To make sustainable life changes, we need to 1) have a clear vision of what we want 2) be personally invested for more than one finite reason or goal and 3) make realistic changes that can be implemented strategically to avoid overwhelm.

Plant-based living is so much more than what you eat.  I’m a dietitian by trade, but I don’t talk in calories, meal plans, or nutrition prescriptions. I know food, but I also know families (I have one!). I caution people that adopting a plant-based lifestyle will not only allow you to discover a healthier, happier version of yourself, but may also make you a more compassionate, present, and profound human being. It’s big stuff, yo.

A plant-based life can (and should) look different for everyone.  Some people may rely on getting their protein from non-soy sources, and some may need to avoid nut-based recipes.  Some may want to cut out animal-derived foods all at once, while others may want to try Meatless Monday and go from there.  There is no rule book to follow when you #goveg, so design a lifestyle you love. You may have different needs even within your own family.  We’re always evolving and that’s okay (P.S. This is a judgment-free partnership).


I currently offer the following for families:

Whether your family is totally new to plant-based living and needs some direction from the ground up, or you have been doing it for a while and just need help working out some kinks, we will use this time to focus on whatever you need to move forward with your goals.

This is typically in the form of a single session with me, to talk about all of your concerns and questions. We will establish these prior to our call with a (free) 15 minute chat to make sure we’re a good fit. Follow the link below to get in touch!

Common topics:

  • Meal planning tips to save time, money, and sanity
  • Feeding vegan kids/transitioning to solids/plant-based milks
  • Getting all the nutrients from plants
  • Vegan cooking basics/simple substitutions
  • Life challenges (choosing a daycare, eating out, handling various social settings)



Disclaimer: My mentorship is heavy on coaching, connection, basic education, strategy, mastering skills and mindset. I do not prescribe individualized medical nutrition therapy (MNT) for diagnosed health conditions or detailed plans to meet estimated nutritional needs. If you are seeking MNT (i.e. carbohydrate counting, monitoring sodium intake, caloric prescription, or any personalized nutritional guidance related to a health or medical condition), please seek the assistance of a registered dietitian and/or other appropriately licensed healthcare professional who specializes in that area as I do not offer medical related advice. My services are focused on lifestyle strategy and are not intended to take place of individualized health or medical advice from your personal healthcare professional.