Lifestyle Mentoring

We will work together for 3 months. Each $589 package includes:

  • Comprehensive lifestyle review
  • Goal setting
  • Core value identification and vision work
  • Individualized family plan development
  • Initial 60 minute consultation discussing key methodology and expectations
  • 15-30 minute check-ins
  • Plan evolution and adjustments according to your goals
  • Regular assignments designed to keep you on track
  • Weekly support & accountability
  • Q&A as needed via messaging


Just need help with meal planning?  Book a one-time plant-based meal planning strategy session for $97.

Together let’s get laser-focused and strategize how to make healthy, delicious, and affordable meals a feasible priority in your home.  We will take a look at your current day-to-day lifestyle, identify where and how to adjust your routine, discuss simple plant-based substitutions, and leave you with tangible action items to get you rolling into the weeks ahead.


  • 60 minute goal + individualized strategy session
  • A completed one-week meal plan and grocery list designed together
  • Meal planning tips + simple substitutions

My mentorship is heavy on connection, general education, strategizing, and mastering skills.  I do not prescribe individualized medical nutrition therapy (MNT) for diagnosed health conditions or detailed plans to meet estimated nutritional needs.  If you are seeking MNT (i.e. counting carbohydrates, monitoring sodium intake, or caloric prescription), please seek the assistance of a registered dietitian who specializes in that area.