What people are saying about Lauren & Chronic Planet:

Rick, writing client

“Wonderful author and a pleasure to work with. Lauren is passionate about her work and it really shows in the final product.”

Tracey, writing client

Lauren was an absolute pleasure to work with. Her work is on time. Her communication is outstanding and her quality of writing is exceptional.”

Jill, private mentoring client

“Lauren has really helped me with my approach to eating and food in general. I have a very busy work life which leaves little time for food preparation and planning. I had fallen into bad habits although I was already mostly vegan when I asked Lauren for some help. I basically needed someone to objectively look at my lifestyle and attitude toward food and provide suggestions. I realized from reading her articles I had some lingering disordered eating patterns from my days as an athlete and was able to discuss this with her.  She offered excellent, honest advice and was a great support as well. She has a lot of experience and is a great consultant and I found my interactions with her to be very beneficial. If you need a lot of help, a little nudge in the right direction or just someone to bounce ideas off of or to call upon when in eating distress, I highly recommend Lauren!”

Lindsay, private mentoring client 

“When I first decided to become a vegetarian, I didn’t realize how much my lifestyle would change, in addition to my diet. While cutting animal protein out of my diet, which is arguably hard enough, I found that I had to defend my plant-based eating habits to an assortment of naysayers: friends, family, strangers…everyone seemed to have an opinion on meat consumption, or more accurately, an opinion on my decision to no longer consume meat. There have been a couple of times when the people I was with seemed generally offended that I wasn’t taking my place ‘at the top of the food chain’. The peer pressure against being a vegetarian is much more prevalent than non-vegetarians might think.

This is why I’m so grateful for Chronic Planet and for the one-on-one counseling with Lauren. Not only did I learn the basics about plant-based living, like meal planning and grocery shopping, I also came away with an arsenal of facts and resources that gave me the self-confidence to be able to intelligently explain why I have chosen a plant-based diet to those who might not understand or agree with it.

Lauren helped me successfully transition to a vegetarian lifestyle by providing the support and education that I needed to stick to my new diet. I feel happier, healthier and am a much better cook than I ever way when I cooked and ate meat. I might never become a full vegan, and that’s quite alright at Chronic Plant. By working with Lauren, we were able to use my food preferences to create a custom road map, that still includes cheese and eggs, for my plant-based lifestyle and because I helped come up with it, I know that I won’t have any trouble sticking with it.

To Lauren and Chronic Planet, thank you! Your coaching has taught me the benefits of plant-based eating for both my health and the health of the environment, and your support has made it possible for me to make a lasting lifestyle change in support of plant-based nutrition. Also, your meal recommendations are delicious! I am anxiously awaiting a Chronic Planet cookbook.

To anyone looking for help  making the transition to a plant-based lifestyle, I highly recommend Lauren. You won’t believe how much you can gain by giving up meat.”

Laura, private mentoring client

“After following Lauren’s Facebook page, and reading almost every article shared, I decided I wanted to change my life. I realized I didn’t want to be a part of a market that doesn’t care about animal welfare, or the environment. It helped excited my motivation for change. Choosing to live a plant based lifestyle has been exciting, flavorful, and left me feeling guilt and bloat free, yay!

Lauren asked me to think of the “big picture” reasons for my switch to veganism, which helped me stay committed during the times I craved meat or other animal products. She taught me how to effectively meal plan (thank goodness), provided me with a plethora of resources and was so supportive the whole time. Our weekly video changes were productive, educational and fun. I am two months into my plant based life and I truly can’t imagine going back!”

Ayse, community event host 

“Lauren Panoff is a very likeable and approachable young plant-based lifestyle strategist who wears many amazing hats. In a world of fast food, obesity and numerous chronic disease, it was a breath of fresh air to hear her speak about how to live a plant based and healthy life that would enhance the environment we live in. She was invited as a speaker to our women’s group at Unity Church of Livonia and brought a wealth of information and answered many questions. We are looking forward to working with her in the future.”

Brittaney, private mentoring client 

“I fell into the vegan world by a medical condition. I became unable to digest meat, eggs and dairy due to an autoimmune disease. I’ve always loved animals and I’ve dabbled in vegetarianism before, but I had no idea what I was doing on a “forced” vegan diet (I previously lived off cheese). I was scared to eat something that I couldn’t digest, so my meals were incredibly boring – I was basically surviving on fruit and a few vegetables.

Lauren was incredibly helpful with explaining why my body preferred vegan foods; they naturally reduce inflammation in the body. She had many scientific resources to back this. She also made suggestions of spices to eliminate from my diet that could induce autoimmune issues and gave examples of meals that could easily be made that are diverse. I’d e lying if I said I wasn’t nervous trying my first vegan dish that had more than two ingredients, but I’m happy to say that it was tasty, filling and I didn’t get sick. In fact, I’ve been improving health wise; my C-reaction protein has been cut in half in a matter of weeks and I now have a good chance of avoiding chemotherapy. My rapid weight loss and constant fatigue has been decreasing as well. Whether you’re looking to change to a plant based diet for moral reasons, or if you just want to improve your health, Lauren is an excellent guide.”