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Forks Over Knives Magazine – Summer 2018 edition (quoted)

Forks Over Knives

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What It’s Like to Raise a Vegan Kid in the 21st Century

One Green Planet

Eating Plant-Based During Pregnancy? How to Be a Confident, Healthy Mom-to-Be

I’ve been a ghostwriter for various health/wellness and nutrition websites as well as for other registered dietitians. My ghostwritten articles have covered a wide variety of evidence-based nutrition science topics (e.g. plant-based diets for rheumatoid arthritis, ketogenic diets for athletes, women’s health and fertility foods, key nutrients for vegan pregnancy, etc.).

Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group – Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (professional and consumer educational handouts)

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ATTN: Video – There’s a big misconception around raising children vegan. 

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