Animal-Free Thanksgiving Recipes for Your Last Minute Menu

We’ve been hosting Thanksgiving at our house for the last few years (mostly because we were tired of going elsewhere and eating plain bread all night and/or bringing our own food that nobody else wanted to try). In full disclosure, the last Thanksgiving before we went cruelty-free, I was bound and determined to cook my one and only turkey — and I did. And it was a pain in the ass. And ew, animal insides. And, nobody really likes the turkey anyway.

Thanksgiving is all about the kick-ass sides. Amiright?

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This morning, I overheard someone at my office talking about how they are going to their daughter’s house this year, but it will be “interesting” because the daughter “just went vegan”. So, she is on a mission to come up with a vegan dish to bring. Internally, I wanted to run over out of nowhere, interrupt the conversation, and start spouting off a list of delicious animal-free recipe recommendations to this perfect stranger in an awkward social interaction, but instead I will channel my enthusiasm into this blog post — for you.

In the event that you are just now making your Thanksgiving meal (don’t feel bad – I just made mine), and need some really awesome last minute vegan dishes to peruse — well, here you go, my friend.

Minimalist Baker – Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

Delish – 20 Seriously Delicious Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

Greatist – 44 Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes So Good You Won’t Miss The Turkey

Huffington Post – Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes Everyone Will Love

Yum Universe – A Proper Plant-Based “No-Turkey Day” Feast

VegNews – Thanksgiving-O-Rama

Hot For Food – Thanksgiving Recipes (videos)


I will be attempting a version of the a layered puff pastry roast from Hot For Food, which I’m pretty stoked about. I’ll let you know how it turns out. 😉


Another route is to simply swap out animal ingredients in your current traditional recipes (it’s easy!):

Butter = Earth Balance vegan butter

Beef, pork, chicken = Seitan (Upton’s Naturals has some nice pre-made flavors, lentils + mushrooms)

Turkey = Field Roast pre-made holiday roast

Eggs (for baked goods) = Ener-G Egg Replacer, Ground flax seed (1 egg = 1 Tbsp + 2 Tbsp water), Silken tofu (1 egg = 1/4 cup), Ripe mashed banana (1 egg = 1/2-1 banana)

Dairy milk = Nut, soy, oat, rice, or hemp milk


Happy Thanksgiving!

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