Hi! I’m Lauren.  

I’m a plant-based lifestyle strategist for people like YOU wanting to cultivate a plant-powered household.

I’m also a health + nutrition writer with the goal of educating the masses. 

Why the focus on plant-based living?

(1)  Going vegan saved me.

(2)  Throughout my vegan pregnancy, and these first years of parenthood, I noticed a significant lack of resources and real-world support specifically for vegan parents — who are raising the future generation.

Here’s my story.

For many years, food was a debilitating subject for me. I struggled with disordered eating for nearly a decade and, despite being on the path to become a “nutrition expert”, I felt like I had no idea what I was doing – let alone practicing what I was preaching to others about “healthy living”.  

I did know one thing, though: how we eat is key to how we live.

Though I tried to follow the “rules” for healthy eating, striving to make my plate colorful and all-inclusive of every food group, something wasn’t right. Even after acknowledging my disordered eating habits and consciously working to regain control of my health, I still didn’t feel like I had “figured out” food.  I was dissatisfied, bored with my recurring meals, and food was still this abstract object, nagging at me, constantly controlling my thoughts and dictating the way I talked to myself.  I felt trapped in a cycle of food-centric thinking that got in the way of enjoying everyday life.  It was exhausting.

Fast forward a few years and I eventually decided to pursue additional education in public health, which opened my eyes to something larger than myself and challenged the personal conversations I was having with food: the links between the food system and global issues.  My husband and I decided to try a plant-based diet for 30 days, and it soon became much more than a shift in simply what we ate.  It was a shift in our mindsets, our perceptions, and our priorities.  This was an unbelievable connection to the world we had somehow never known.

I committed to stop letting food control my life, and instead, use my diet to not only better fuel my body, but to positively impact the world around me.

Very quickly, the negative self-talk disappeared and my focus was on something much bigger.  Things eventually fell into place and I began feeling better than I ever had, with clarity and focus in my life.  

As a consumer, a student, and a dietetic professional, I was taught what I now believe to be the two most overused and disserving messages we all hear about food: “Everything in moderation” and “A calorie is a calorie”.  I believe the way that food is incessantly marketed at us does a great job of keeping consumers disconnected from what is truly on our plates.  And as such, it’s time for us to challenge the norm, together.  

The future of life on this planet depends on it.

Living a plant-based life has proven to be the best pivot we could have made for our family.  So much so, that I remained plant-based throughout the pregnancy and birth of our children, who has also been raised this way– and is happy, healthy, and thriving on plants.  He is the future, and (though it will be challenging at times) we are confident that he will grow up with the knowledge and connection we wish we had as kids, to take the reigns of his own health and impact early on.

Now, I devote my time and energy to helping you and your family achieve the veg life you are seeking, based on YOUR goals, core values, and priorities.  Whether you want to go totally vegan or not, are planning a family, or have kids — I can’t wait to #goveg, together!

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”                                                            – Maya Angelou


About Chronic Planet

Chronic Planet was originally created as a platform to promote conversation about environmental and public health, plant-based living, and the direct connection between these.  Because of my desire to normalize veganism for all ages, it is now primarily a place where families can come for support in transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle.  On the blog you will find thoughts and information about veganism and public health, and the occasional recipe from my own kitchen.  Here, you will find ways to work with me, such as plant-based lifestyle coaching, speaking, and writing. Drop me a line anytime — I would love to get to know you!


Why the plant-based emphasis?

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” – Michael Pollan

Simple: Eat more plants, live a healthier, more connected life.  Leading a plant-based lifestyle reaches far beyond diet or labeling someone/something as “vegan” or “vegetarian”. Living in a more Earth-centric way reconnects us with our personal state of health and natural surroundings, an awareness that is often derailed by the distractions of life and the acceptance of our current situation at any given time as “the norm”.  We have forgotten how to use food in its purest form, to cook with our hands and reap the benefits of the finished masterpiece.  Contrary to popular belief, this disconnection with our food doesn’t originate from societal laziness; much of the food available to us, advertised at us, and advocated for with controversial funding, is so often tainted by outside interests that it is no wonder America eats the way it does (and has the public health challenges it does).

Plant-based living is what I would call a “gateway lifestyle”.  Without much effort, it makes you think twice about where food comes from, the social, environmental, and political issues that influence consumerism.  Plant-based living teaches us how powerful individual choices can be, how we can actually use our diet as a tool to not only impact our personal health outcomes, but also the environment, welfare of animals, and state of the world around us.  Plant-based living simultaneously exposes us to a network of issues in public health we may not have previously considered and, in turn, increases the personal value of our decisions.  Whether you’re five, or ninety-five, you will find that these things are all connected.

Warning: Adopting a plant-based lifestyle may make you a more compassionate, present, and profound human being.


What does “chronic planet” mean?

“In nature, nothing exists alone.” – Rachel Carson

Today’s world is in a perpetual cause-and-effect relationship with its population.  Humans destroy Mother Nature and drain resources at an alarming rate, we contaminate our water sources with our own agricultural and industrial waste, we seek and demand cheap and unsafe consumer products and convenience foods to be compatible with busy lifestyles, and we are constantly competing with a variety of interests at every level, often without knowing it.  By allowing such an environment to endure, we, in turn, suffer from perhaps the most radial aspect of public health: preventable disease.  Human behaviors are directly related to the condition of our environment and, ultimately, our resulting state of health.  One could say that over time man has created, and now sustains, a chronic planet. What can we do?  Go plant-based and rake in the knowledge – you will be amazed at the potential you never knew you had.

Together, we can change chronic disease, food overwhelm and dissociation into chronic compassion, wellness, sustainability, and connection.

What are you waiting for?



“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”                                                          – Mahatma Gandhi