Abundance. Because sometimes the understanding of veganism is back-arswards.

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Yesterday, I had an awesome conversation with a new friend, who has been living the vegan life for several years and is also raising a #vegbaby.  I asked her what she thought one of the biggest misunderstandings was about veganism, especially in the family setting, and she reminded me of something very important:   Veganism […]

5-10 servings of plants a day? Here are some quick ideas for easily increasing your intake.

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Recently, there has been media around new suggestions from scientists to increase our fruit and vegetable intake to 5-10 servings a day based on disease prevention studies.  Recent recommendations have been around 2-4 servings of fruit and 3-5 servings of vegetables a day – with juice being acceptable (and perhaps pizza in schools, but that’s […]

Recipe: Burrito Bake

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I will admit that I have several kitchen machines (machines?) that I don’t use regularly, if ever. But, I have this awesome cast iron casserole pan that a friend got us one year for Christmas. It’s like an oven in itself – everything cooks through and stays warm through seconds (or thirds!) of dinner.  Yum. […]

Plant Protein for Kids

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Ask any vegan what the most common question they get about their diet is, and many of them will probably say, “where do you get your protein?” There’s a huge misconception around plant-based eating as far it being a protein-restricted diet, which likely stems from our societal obsession with eating excessive amounts of protein, mostly […]