I’m a registered dietitian,  mom to a vegan toddler, and public health fanatic dedicated to helping individuals and families with young children successfully adopt the plant-based life of their dreams.

That means:

  • Clarifying why plant-based living is so important to you, and then achieving it
  • Freeing yourself from the confusion and frustration of ever-changing nutrition trends that don’t meet your needs or goals
  • Learning how to utilize whole plant foods to create nutrient-packed, satiating, and realistic meals that the whole family will love
  • Mastering the habits and skills needed to maintain a fulfilling plant-based life
  • Feeling and being more awesome than ever


I help you make plant-based living an attainable reality for your unique family and situation, while recognizing the personal and global influences you are capable of having through your dietary choices.


Read more about my philosophy here.

Together, let’s go veg!  Plant-based living truly is the future, and there is no more important or relevant time than right now to join the movement.

And you certainly don’t have to be “perfect” to make a difference. 

If you’re ready to gain knowledge and learn skills that will serve you forever, and live the plant-based life you’ve been waiting for, let’s get started!  I’ll bring the cookies, you just bring yo awesome self.