Lauren Panoff, MPH, RD ~ Plant-Based Lifestyle Strategist + Writer

Hey, awesome parent (or soon-to-be)!

I’m Lauren, a plant-based lifestyle strategist (think vegan life coach!) for people like YOU looking to cultivate kickass veg-powered households [and save the world].


What does this mean exactly?

I can help you to:

  • Clarify what plant-based living means to YOU and why you’ve decided to raise a veg family
  • Identify your family’s core values, driving motivators, perceived obstacles, and goals — and then map out a plan together for veg-success in your unique household
  • Leave behind the misconceptions and overwhelm around “how-to” go plant-based, especially when kids are involved
  • Master the mindset, strategy and habits needed to create a lifestyle and routine the whole family will love
  • Reconnect with the food on your plate, where it comes from, and the power of your dietary choice
  • Navigate not only plant-based eating, but the social and consumer challenges that come with going veg


Here’s how we can work together: 


I help you make plant-based living an attainable reality for your family, while recognizing the personal and global influences you are capable of having through your dietary freedoms.  You may also become a household of advocates and activists along the way. 🙂

Read more about my philosophy here.


Chronic Planet is here to help you put all of your veg-inspiration to use in a strategic way.

Together, let’s #goveg!  Plant-based living truly is the future, and there is literally no more important or relevant time than right now for your family to join the movement.

You have the power to pivot into a beautifully impactful new way of living.

Thanks for doing your part to help save the world. 

xo, Lauren

Find me online here: 

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